Bataan town road projects unlock property investments

Bataan town road projects unlock property investments

Bataan town road projects unlock property investments


ABUCAY, Bataan – The improvement of six upland roads in this town interconnecting to the Roman Superhighway would boost local economy with the opening of underutilized rural areas into commercial and property investment sites.

Leo Ruben Manrique, Abucay town Sangguniang Bayan (SB) secretary, said the road network has great beneficial impact to the economic progress of one of the fast developing municipalities in the northern Bataan towns.

Explaining the socio-economic development thrust of Abucay Mayor Liberato Santiago, Jr., Manrique has recognized the highly-regarded foresight of the municipal executive with his latest projects of interlinking corridors to the Roman Superhighway which attracted a number of the country’s leading integrated property developers in the construction of housing projects and commercial and business ventures.

Manrique predicted that the Roman Superhighway will be the showcase of the province’s wealth and progress and extremely dignified with the tenacity of the people of the historic peninsula to rise toward economic prosperity.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)  has included in its national infrastructure program to modernize the 60 kilometer province’s main  road artery into six-lane superhighway which is expected to hasten  movement of exportable goods to the foreign markets and unhampered delivery of raw materials to industrial and manufacturing firms in the province’s seven economic zones.

Manrique, a former Abucay municipal councilor stressed the province is classified as one of Central Luzon’s  emerging industrial estates with the province’s offering new investment opportunities that would ensure stakeholders to achieve excellent revenues.

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