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“Classroom” for barangay officials

“Classroom” for barangay officials


BALANGA CITY, Bataan – Rep. Joet Garcia of the province’s 2nd congressional district, during the turn-over of Barangay Communication System among barangay officials, showed the media the newly constructed Barangay Development Center, as part of his office, equipped with a wide screen and other amenities to accommodate video presentations during seminars and workshops.

Congressman Joet said that the barangay development center will also be utilized by all the barangay officials in the preparation of their 10 year master plan.

With the scrapping of the CDF and PDAF, project proposals can no longer be submitted any time of the year. The good Congressman explained that all barangay officials are required to identify and plan for their priority projects ahead of time, for these have be submitted to the budget department  for inclusion in the budgetary list of projects to be funded every year.

Garcia added that for barangay officials to come up with sound proposals for their infrastructure projects and other programs and services for the next 2 years, 5 years or even 10 years, they need to carefully study all the necessary data in their respective barangays.

The Barangay Development Center will serve as their “classroom” in the preparation of their respective master plans. Garcia said that he will be inviting resource persons such as engineers, budget officers and other technocrats, who can best help them in the drafting of their master plans. Once completed, said master plans will be critiqued by a group of panelists to ensure that said master plans will be beneficial to the barangays.

Congressman Joet said that to date, 40 barangays have already submitted their respective master plans and so far, Barangay Alas-asin of Mariveles has completed all the requirements.

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