Contributed by Coney M. Dela Peña – Administrative Aide VI, Schools Division Office of Bataan,

Department of Education


The famous adage “No Man Is An Island” was based on the story of Robinson Crusoe which depicts the importance of human relationship in this life.  You are considered wealthy if you have many acquaintances and friends whom you have good human relationship, more than material possessions, fame, power and other things offered by modern life.

According to Wilma C. Tapalla, people, especially those who affect your daily life are the most precious resource that make up and inspire your daily existence.  Human relationship is the spice that move people to better performance, since there will be strife when human relationship is weak.


In an organization’s environment, we can say that what makes people move to greater heights is their relationship with other people.  People are the number one ingredient in the workforce.  There must be teamwork. There is lesser conflict in an organization if the flow of work is smooth.  We all know, that once in a while there will be conflicts in an office, but we must also bear in mind that these conflicts can be resolved by wise decisions.


We must be guided by our relationships with other people around us.  Remember that when we value the people around us, there will be a certain bond that will be formed, and this bond is vital to the company or organization where we are connected.


When employees are taken for granted, possibly, varied problems will arise, so in an office there must be trust, honesty, teamwork, love and sincerity. Let us remember that everyone needs belongingness, this is one of the basic needs of an individual. When everyone shows acceptance to every co-worker, everybody feels comfortable, relax, approved and appreciated.


Still, there are many things that need to be done to foster strong and lasting human relationships.  You can show your care, appreciation to good works, good news for a co-worker. As Proverbs 13:20 puts it about relationships, “He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.”



Wima C. Tapalla  “Healthy Relationships” Woman’s Home Companion 26(33):17.

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