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Historical and cultural center to rise in Pilar town

Historical and cultural center to rise in Pilar town


PILAR, Bataan- Mayor Alice D. Pizarro is sincerely exploring all avenues for the creation of a historical and cultural center to preserve and promote arts, tradition and treasured historical heritage for eco-tourism prosperity.

Mayor Pizarro is reportedly planning to discuss the vital context of the project with different public and private entities to determine the budgetary requirement, public reactions, scholarly, educational and institutional leverages.

The new project brings unmatched development that would pay homage to this town’s rich heritage and culture for the intellectual advantages of the future generation.

Ms. Pizarro explained the proposed structure, the historical and cultural venue in the heart of Bataan peninsula, includes display of World War ll relics and memorabilia featuring the heroic and patriotic deeds of Filipino-American soldiers during the fiercest battle in Bataan.

The local government plans to initiate a comprehensive cultural and historical agenda as eternal legacy to those who contributed their lives defending freedom and the cherished democratic ideals which the Filipino nation duly respects.

Taking advantage of the strong economic growth of the Bataan peninsula, Ms. Pizarro added the projected historical and cultural center is expected to draw more visitors and global tourists in the province.

The proposed complex would serve as a side trip attraction to Mount Samat National Shrine, one of the most sought after World War ll memorial sites in the country which is the engine of growth in the thriving travel and tourism industry of Bataan peninsula while the local government of Pilar is pursuing its objective of becoming the historical-cultural tourism hub of Luzon by year 2020.

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