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“…just call me Janna…”


“….focus, tell yourself: “kaya ko to”, makinig mabuti sa instructions, don’t forget your labels, tandaan lahat ng tinuro, always pray”.

Initially a picture of a shy girl who just turned 11 last April 24, that Thursday afternoon with her at the 1Bataan news room brought us back down memory lane when we were her age: carefree, cheerful, naive, playful, full of life, yet we sensed something really special about her.

The youngest daughter of Mr. Diosdado Tungol (a businessman from Arayat, Pampanga) and Mrs. Jennifer Valerio (a native of Samal) now residents of San Ramon, Dinalupihan, who were college sweethearts, Janna Patricia still doesn’t have any clear plan as to what career to pursue. She says she just wants to follow the footsteps of her elder sisters, Faye 16 and Thea 15 who is currently enrolled at the Philippine Science High School in Clark. According to her Daddy Ogie, she doesn’t even have a study habit, for she spends most of her time at home glued on TV.

However, this playful, cheerful and friendly 6th grade SPED student of the San Ramon Elementary School who doesn’t have a study habit is consistently on top of her class since first grade. When asked what her favorite subject is, her eyes lit up, flashed that winning smile and replied without an iota of hesitation: Mathematics!  Contrary to this writer’s idea of mathematics, Janna finds maths very interesting and challenging!

Not a neophyte in joining and winning in Mathematics competitions, just recently, Janna added a new feather on her cap when she won a bronze medal in the recently concluded International Mathematics Wizard Challenge 2015 held in Hong Kong.

Janna says of her latest feat: “I feel happy, proud, and thankful to God, to my supportive parents, my teachers/trainors, and all those who helped us raise funds for the trip to Hong Kong. She even enumerated the names of her trainors since first grade, namely: Ms. Socorro Hizon/Ms. Gloria Limin; Ms. Lanie Artiaga; Ms. Macrien Porras; Ms. Jennifer Penaflor; Mr. Ariel Espiritu, Ms. Elvira Sawi and of course, their very supportive Principal, Mr. Renato Dimalanta. She says, these people all play a very significant role in her life, especially in her trainings for the competition.

Her recent feat in HongKong inspired and even challenged her to train further and join other competitions. When asked what tips she can give to her fellow students who would be joining competitions, she had these to say: “focus, tell yourself: “kaya ko to”, makinig mabuti sa instructions, don’t forget your labels, tandaan lahat ng tinuro, always pray”.

Behind that innocent, playful, cheerful stance is a determined girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. She may be young but this early, she has exhibited her strength of character.

Janna, the Provincial Government of Bataan, the 1Bataan Team and your fellow Bataeños are truly proud of you! Keep that positive attitude and winning smile! Your parents raised you well.

Carry on!

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