More commercial and trading businesses to rise in Pilar

More commercial and trading businesses to rise in Pilar

More commercial and trading businesses to rise in Pilar


PILAR, Bataan – Mayor Alice D. Pizarro has expressed her enthusiasm on the bright business prospects for the agricultural town with the establishment of Vista Mall complex along the Bataan Expressway in Balanga City, this province.

Mayor Pizarro said the current conducive business climate, prevailing peaceful atmosphere and Bataan Governor Albert Raymond S. Garcia’s advocacy of good governance, tax incentives, and foreign-standard infrastructure facilities for investors are indisputably some of the notable factors in the promotion of the province as a premier investment haven in Central Luzon.

She said the operation of Vista Mall shopping center owned by former Senate President Manuel Villar has added to the multi-diversified socio-economic impact that stimulates small and medium entrepreneurs to put up commercial and service centers.

Classified as a third class municipality, Pilar town once dubbed as rice granary of Bataan, is improving its status as an emerging business center in Southern Bataan area.

The unexpected development in this nature when businessmen have jointly expressed their interest in pursuing to establish  restaurants, souvenir shops, gasoline stations  and other service-oriented facilities in the periphery of the farming village of Ala-Uli, a stone’s throw away from the Vista Mall.

Mayor Pizarro said out of the 4,250 hectares of Pilar town total land area, about 10 percent of the entire municipal plan is allowable for conversion to commercial as embodied in the comprehensive land use.

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