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New coliseum fosters eco-tourism growth

New coliseum fosters eco-tourism growth


PILAR, Bataan –  The construction of a multi-million peso worth  ultra-modern coliseum  in this town which  is reasonably an excellent venue for world-class entertainment and sports activities would certainly be a big boost to the municipal government ‘s objective of becoming the historical-cultural tourism center of Luzon by year 2020.

Jojo de Leon, a Manila-based businessman and one of the proponents of the project said the multiple functions of the ultradimensional complex with an estimated seating capacity of 2,500 guests is to provide a good alternative site in highlighting the town’s rich culture and panoramic natural quality vista in promoting travel and tourism industry.

Pilar town, which earned the sobriquet as the rice granary of Bataan is one of the country’s leading tourist destinations, and home of the  famous World War ll battle site, the Dambana ng Kagitingan (Shrine of Valor) atop the historic Mount Samat in the upland village of Liyang.

De Leon reiterated a group of locators from Manila and Bataan has focused their strategic investment plan  for the establishment of Pilar Coliseum  which has greater socio-economic impact on the livelihood and  employment  aspect on the part of the residents  while generating more revenues and incentives  like strong motivation to encourage  small and medium entrepreneurs to participate  in the on-going development process  in the field  of trade and industry.

Based on the feasibility study prepared by Engr. Benigno Mendoza, Jr. said entertainment and sports facility is expected to generate revenues of P 300,000 yearly excluding the  taxes to be collected from other business enterprises to rise around the coliseum.

It also targets the staging of big events, both international and national, concerts, meetings and conferences and other important occasions not only for the host town but also in the provincial and regional requirements.

More locators and stakeholders are reportedly scouting for feasible locations for the building of hotels and leisurely accommodations, restaurants, souvenir shops, transport and communication facilities and  other service-oriented amenities in the periphery of the new Pilar coliseum.

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