No more educational tours outside Bataan

No more educational tours outside Bataan

No more educational tours outside Bataan


CAMP TOLENTINO, Bataan – The solemnity of the “flag disposal ceremony” yesterday gave more meaning to the message of Bataan Schools Division Superintendent Jessie Ferrer when he stressed that he will no longer allow public elementary and secondary students to have educational tours outside the province.

He said that he is now encouraging all the district supervisors, principals, teachers and everyone in the DepEd community to have their tours in their own localities or within the province of Bataan. As an example, he cited visiting Pilar town, where the Shrine of Valor or Dambana ng Kagitingan is situated; Balanga City where they can visit and know the history of the surrender site and others.

Ferrer added that, although it is true that educational tours or field trips are learning experiences outside the classroom that provide the students the actual learnings described in textbooks and lectures, still we need to expose our students first to the richness of our own culture and history, for them to be proud of being a Filipino and a Bataeño at that.

It has been observed that our Filipino youth are not nationalistic anymore or are losing their sense of nationalism, that he said (Ferrer), “we admit that it could be because of the failure of education”. He further said that “the youth nowadays, if we will observe, don’t even bother to stop during the singing of the National Anthem or don’t have that value or love of one’s country, it is because they don’t know about our history”.

In the end, Ferrer reiterated that, it is now the effort of DepEd Division of Bataan to expose our students to our rich culture and history by having the educational tours within the province, that it is now a requirement for all students to know and play “arnis” before they can graduate, to expose them to the different cultural dances, know and visit our historical and cultural places which not only give them firsthand knowledge but more so to value the sacrifices of our kababayans for the love of our country.

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