OWD  eyes a septic treatment facility

OWD eyes a septic treatment facility

OWD eyes a septic treatment facility


ORANI, Bataan -The Orani Water District (OWD) aims to operate a septic treatment facility in this town. OWD General Manager Benni Andres said they have already conducted a conscientious study regarding the plan.

He said septic tanks must be siphoned out at least once every 3 to 5 years. Health officials said septic management is the regular dislodging or cleaning of septic tanks on a scheduled basis. “It is about improving the sanitation level. Establishing a septic treatment plant conforms to internationally accepted method”, said the OWD official.

Months ago, OWD officials led by Andres conducted an ocular inspection of the Baliwag Water District in Bulacan, which operates a septic treatment facility.

“We visited the Baliwag Water District because it is the only water district in the country that manages a septic treatment facility that itself constructed. Other water districts merely manage septic plants but did not build them”, Andres explained.

The OWD general manager pointed out that a municipal ordinance must first be adopted, requiring periodic siphoning out of septic tanks before they can operate such facility here.

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