OWD to plant 10,000 trees in BNP

OWD to plant 10,000 trees in BNP

OWD to plant 10,000 trees in BNP


ORANI, Bataan -The Orani Water District (OWD) officials, employees and other concerned sectors will again troop to a watershed here inside the Bataan National Park (BNP) to plant Tibig trees this coming August 12.

Benigno Andres, general manager of OWD said that they already planted 50,300 Tibig trees in the said watershed in the last five years.

Ficus nota (tibig) is a species of tree found near water in low altitudes. The tree can grow up to 9 meters high. Its seeds are dispersed by birds.

Now on its sixth year of reforestation, the OWD will be planting more than 10,000 tibig tree seedlings in the watershed in the upland village of Tala.

The OWD employees will be joined by policemen, government employees, fishermen, local media and other volunteers.

“The water district is conserving 24 hectares of the watershed, which is part of the Bataan National Park. When we go there you will see the grown-up wildings we planted five years ago,” Andres told the media.

As part of their annual anniversary celebration every February, the OWD sponsors a fun run to raise funds for its reforestation program. This year more than 2,000 runners joined in the successful run for a cause dubbed 17th Orani Water Dragon Run for the Watershed 6. The run raised P41 thousand from various sponsors.

Andres added their reforestation effort at the Tala watershed area aims to preserve Orani aquifers.

“We invite everyone to join and to help us protect and preserve our source of water by reforesting our watershed areas not just for the present but for our future generations,” Andres stressed.

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