Road network to spur tourism development in western Bataan towns

Road network to spur tourism development in western Bataan towns

Road network to spur tourism development in western Bataan towns


BAGAC, Bataan – The youngest municipal mayor in the country is urging business leaders and property developers to invest in travel and tourism industry with the vibrant economic prospects anchored on the modernization and expansion plan of the Roman Superhighway initiated by Bataan Governor Albert S. Garcia in his bid to make the province the premier tourism hub in Central Luzon.

Bagac Mayor Louise Gabriel Q. del Rosario has enumerated the advantages of the proposed expansion of the province’s major road network estimated to cost P4 billion allocated from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) budget as the province’s logistics backbone to attract investments and to create more job opportunities  for the residents of the two  fast developing western Bataan towns of Bagac and Morong .

According  to del Rosario said widening  of Roman Superhighway into a six-lane highway would accelerate  transport of workers, tourists, residents, traders, goods and services to different economic zones, seaports, public markets, beach resorts  and tourist spots which ultimately influence tourism growth in Bagac and Morong towns.

He noted the presence of internationally standard road facility would encourage multi-national firms to relocate their factories and other manufacturing plants to the progressive Freeport Area of Bataan, Bataan Arsenal, Hermosa Economic Zone, Petrochem Industrial Estate and other business- friendly sites in Bataan.

Mayor del Rosario expressed his optimism that said road expansion can fuel economic growth in the vicinity of the 70-kilometer stretch from Layac intersection in Dinalupihan to Mariveles with the expected establishment of hotels, gasoline stations, restaurants and other services from medium entrepreneurs.

He said the road network has significant economic effect in the proposed formulation of the town’s master tourism plan to ensure  a more dynamic and responsible inter linkages with the provincial tourism development concept.

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