Sinagtala, first plastic-free resort in Bataan

Sinagtala, first plastic-free resort in Bataan

Sinagtala, first plastic-free resort in Bataan


ORANI, Bataan – With the growing concern over the pollution caused by plastics, adversely affecting our environment, former SBMA Chairman and one of the owners of Sinagtala Farm and Adventure Resort, Felecito “Tong” Payumo, promotes Sinagtala as the first plastic-free resort in Bataan and hopefully in the whole country.

SINAGTALA, a tranquil oasis in the mountains of this town, situated in the highest peak in Bataan, is a 55 hectares resort which boasts of a cool climate comparable to Tagaytay and Baguio City. It offers amenities and adventure activities such as infinity pools, wellness spa, trekking, hiking, skybridge, zipline, sky bike, sky swing and is often chosen as venue for weddings, corporate and camping events.

Payumo, an environment advocate said that a study showed that with people’s increasing use and improper disposal of plastic materials, water samples now contain plastic pollutants which means people may be ingesting microparticles of plastics even from tap water, which has an adverse impact on human health.

He added that they want SINAGTALA to instill the richness of nature and the beauty of the environment, hence they are now encouraging all the visitors, local and foreign tourists to minimize or to stop the use of plastic materials such as bottles, cups, plates, spoon, fork and others; instead Payumo recommends the use of banana leaves as plates, paper plates, wooden spoon and fork and other biodegradable materials.

Moreover, Payumo said that though the use of plastic adds comfort, convenience and easy disposal after usage, its negative effect is now a threat to our environment and peoples’ health that he now advocates people and LGUs to stop using all forms of plastic materials.

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