SME’s on the rise in Bataan

SME’s on the rise in Bataan

SME’s on the rise in Bataan


BALANGA CITY, Bataan – A successful junkshop owner at Balanga City Greater Public Market is relatively optimistic of the expanding small and medium entrepreneurial endeavors in the province.

Ms. Belen Gallego, a widow, owner of medium-sized buy and sell business has foreseen a progressive economic trend in the component City of Balanga and the historic peninsula with the entry of a good number of traders from other provinces who are beginning to move on the potential commercial districts due to big manufacturing firms ready to put up factories in several economic zones in Bataan.

She cited the unprecedented development in the highly-competitive consumer and commercial markets have prompted the upswing of business opportunities in the small and medium commerce

Ms. Gallego explained the possible entry of more Manila-based shopping malls in this City would enhance economic progress, increase revenue intake of the government, provide better socio-economic opportunities for the residents, valuable improvements  purposely for  the quality of life  and other basic services for the people of the community.

She said the province’s only component city is regarded also as ripe to host many other industries and ventures such as eco-tourism and agri-tourism.

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